Innovative FATMAP maps to feature on Mountain Tracks trips as part of a new partnership

Written by Joe
3rd April 2019
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3D route planning for Alpine Adventures, plotted by Mountain Tracks’ IFMGA Qualified Guides.

Mountain Tracks are now integrating FATMAP’s innovative 3D mapping technology in their trip guides.

The detailed maps show mountaineers, skiers and trekkers the exact routes their Mountain Tracks trips will be taking, plotted by IFMGA qualified guides, allowing them to explore the terrain they will be facing in amazing detail. This level of mapping technology will help Mountain Tracks customers plan their equipment, training and nutrition choices in advance with more information than ever before.

The first three FATMAP plotted routes showcase 3 of Mountain Tracks most popular trips:

Trekking the Classic Haute Route

View the whole route with Mountain Tracks and FATMAP’s detailed guidebook here, below we have picked out one of the most dramatic stages:


Climbing Mont Blanc

Ski Touring the Bernese Oberland Traverse

View the entire trip with the Mountain Tracks and FATMAP guidebook here or check out one of the highlight days here:

These trips were planned by Mountain Tracks’ lead IFMGA qualified guide Matt Dickinson and the trip pages have been updated with even more information. All Mountain Tracks trips will eventually get the same treatment and display integrated FATMAP routes on the booking pages.

The partnerships between FATMAP & Mountain Tracks highlights the possibilities of backcountry mapping technology and how it can be used by professional mountain guides to explore and plan adventures.

“It’s exciting to be able to fully visualise the routes our guides will be taking using FATMAP technology and on an organisational level it helps us to explain to our valued clients what to expect on the trip. We’ve been using FATMAP for a while now but the new EXPLORE features really take it to the next level of detail, with custom layers & snow depth so we can assess the terrain ahead of time” said Dan Thornton, Product & Sales Manager for Mountain Tracks.

Fatmap’s founder and CEO, Mischa was equally enthusiastic about the new partnership, saying: “We’re very excited to announce Mountain Tracks and the Ski Club of Great Britain as our latest EXPLORE Partners and see so many of their amazing adventures on FATMAP. The partnership is a key part of our mission to help more people experience the best adventures on the planet, responsibly and safely. Now it’s easier than ever before thanks to the IFMGA Guides at Mountain Tracks with EXPLORE Members benefiting from the best service and rates.”

Find out more about FATMAP and the new EXPLORE features on their website.

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