Worldwide Trekking

Our worldwide trekking program lets you explore trails all over the globe, both off the beaten track and some of the more famous hikes on the bucket list.

The beauty of trekking is that you don’t need to be experienced, just up for a challenge and reasonable fit.

Worldwide treks are Mountain Tracks trips that aren’t necessarily in high alpine terrain but offer an adventurous multi-day hike in some incredible landscapes.

It’s the ideal adventure holiday for people who are looking for something that bit different. Whilst it is the perfect step up for regular walkers, no previous experience is necessary.

From famous US treks like the Pacific Crest and the lesser known Lake Placid Trail to European favourites like El Camino and the GR20, there are plenty of spectacular through hikes to choose from.

With Mountain Tracks, you can enjoy the best trails in the world without having to worry about logistics, navigation or accommodation. let us take care of that for you and make the most of once in a lifetime adventures.

Mountain Tracks runs guided trekking adventure holidays in the Worldwide from several locations, each offering a different experience.

In addition to experiencing fantastic trails, you will also enjoy mountain accommodation in some breathtaking situations, camaraderie with group members and an opportunity to really appreciate long distance hiking.
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