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Climbing - on rock, ice or on mountains - is an activity closely tied to pushing the limits of human ingenuity and achievement.

Alpine mountaineering is steeped in history and intrigue, from the first ascent of Mont Blanc to the Golden Age of alpinism following the formation of the Alpine Club in London, 1857. Our trips will take you to the top of the Alps most prestigious and noteworthy peaks including the Matterhorn and the Eiger. There is a route for every ability and you don't need previous climbing experience to climb, for example, Mont Blanc, amongst others. For the more experienced we have a number of scheduled trips or we can organise a personalised trip to achieve particular routes. Once you've decided on your goal we're here to help put it into action!

Our rock climbing trips are less about acclimatisation and summits and are more laid back, going at the pace you want to go at and at the grade you want to climb. You might be looking to push your climbing grade or want a more active holiday whilst your partner wants to relax with a book. Rock climbing offers a happy solution to all, being based in a suitable holiday destination and and each day is flexible to fit around your needs.

Ice climbing is fast growing in popularity, mainly because it offers the flexibility of a rock climbing holiday but in winter! Based in ever-popular Chamonix, which is also a great destination for non-climbing partners, our ice-climbing courses can be tailored to suit all abilities and aspirations. Being Chamonix based means that there is a vast playground of routes at all levels to aim for and your guide will be perfectly placed to assess your skill level and ensure you have a holiday to never forget.

But if you still haven't found exactly what you're looking for we can cater for individual itineraries and goals. A lot of clients contact us for private guiding as they have the time and want to use our expertise in organising a trip, working around the perils of weather conditions and getting into the mountains to ensure a successful holiday. Simply let us know what it is you want to achieve and whether it's a specific route to the top of a classic peak such as the Matterhorn or you simply want to make the most out of a week in the Alps we are here to help.
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