Alpine Glacier Trekking

Glacier trekking is the ideal adventure holiday for people who are looking for something that bit different. Whilst it is the perfect step up for regular walkers, no previous experience is necessary.

Alpine trails are not all equal. Alpine trails incorporating trekking over a glacier offer an opportunity to explore a unique environment and achieve something over and above the norm. Completing a glacier trail is a real achievement! Take the Haute Route trail in the summer, for example: you can complete the Haute Route trail in the normal way on lower level paths or you can gain altitude with our guides and experience the trail as a stunning wilderness, far from the madding crowds.

Glacier trails cross terrain that you simply won't experience anywhere else. Often you will you get the chance to get up close to stunning ice formations and crevasses within glaciated environments, and the mountain views are quite unlike anything you'll see elsewhere! Of course, getting to and from the glaciers includes travelling through more traditional alpine environments too, so the trips offer a true all-round experience.

Mountain guides are the only mountain professionals able to guide you on an alpine trek crossing a glacier. Mountain Tracks runs guided glacier trekking adventure holidays in the Alps from several locations, each offering a different experience.

In addition to experiencing the glaciers up close and personal, you will also enjoy mountain accommodation in some breathtaking situations, camaraderie with group members and an opportunity to really appreciate walking at altitude.

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