There's more to European Skiing than the Alps!

Written by Olly Allen
17th October 2016
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There's more to Europe than the Alps!
Georgia - Svaneti Powder

Sandwiched between Russia and the Black Sea Georgia has recently enjoyed a huge upsurge in foreign visitors. This is due to its friendly people, cultural history and world famous wine. Georgia is geographically diverse with unspoilt coastline to the west and the Caucasus mountains bordering Russia in the North.

This 9-day trip (7 days skiing) takes us to the heart of the Caucasus range. Tbilisi the capital is easily accessed from Europe but for the purposes of our trip we fly into Kutaisi as its only a few hours transfer from Svaneti. Our tour crosses between the unspoilt valleys of the upper Svaneti and foot hills of the Caucasus. With varied terrain local accommodation and the guarantee of solitude.

Greenland – Ski and Sail

This is a wonderful ski touring adventure to explore the Alpine Peaks of West Greenland. This is a "Ski & Sail" trip, so accommodation is on board the Rembrandt van Rijn, a majestic 3-masted schooner designed for cruising in Greenlandic waters.

The trip is ideal for intermediate and advanced ski tourers. A typical ski day will involve climbs of 900 to 1,200m. It is very hard to put into words the unforgettable experience of sailing and skiing in Greenland. The combination of majestic snow covered mountains meeting the fjords is enough to get anyones camera snapping!

Iceland – The Land of the midnight sun

The Troll Peninsular in northern Iceland is fast being recognised as a world class destination for ski touring and ski mountaineering. The scenery is simply stunning and the area offers great variety of terrain, from big open slopes to steeper couloirs and everything in between!

Our trip is planned for late season when the sun barely sets and midnight skiing is a must! Combined with the fascinating cultural experience and the restorative daily soak in the local geothermal baths, it all adds up to a wonderful ski adventure! For pure ski touring in breathtaking surroundings, this trip to Iceland is very hard to beat.

Bosnia – The Forgotten Beauty of the Balkans

This is a wonderful, intermediate-level, guided ski touring trip to the mountains around Sarajevo in Bosnia. It is an opportunity to discover the forgotten beauty of the Balkans. In what seems like a different era, but was in fact only 1984, Bijelasnica hosted the Winter Olympics.

Today the area is once again a thriving, multi-ethnic society and in addition to the stunning mountains, Sarajevo old town in particular is worthy of a visit. We’ll spend the week based in the Vrela mountain hut above Bijelasnica before heading to Sarajevo for our last night. Why not combine the trip with a week in neighbouring Montenegro for the ultimate Balkan winter adventure!

Other far flung destinations on offer from Mountain Tracks include, Japan, Morocco, Antarctica, Poland, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kashmir. Theres more to skiing than France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria!
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