Europe's Unknown Fairytale Land: Around Svaneti on Foot and Skis

Written by J Andrew
29th August 2017

High above the clouds lies the fairytale land Svaneti, rightly referred to as the roof of Europe. Several populated villages at an elevation of 2,000 metres are situated between mountain peaks of more than 5,000 metres. Isolated in untouched nature, age-old traditions long gone in other regions of Europe are still alive well in Svaneti.  

In this richly illustrated 344 page long book called “Europe’s Unknown Fairytale Land: Around Svaneti on Foot and Skis” Richard Bærug tells the story how he and his Svan travel companion Shako Margian, both co-owners of Grand Hotel Ushba, became the first men in history to travel all the way around Svaneti on foot and on skis. It turned out to be a wonderful journey into a unique natural world with fabled mountain peaks, beautiful little churches, secluded villages, and characteristic tower houses included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And not least, exciting encounters with the people who still live in this mountain region.  

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Join us next winter in this amazing, relatively undiscovered ski tour paradise!

The book can be ordered by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The price is €29 plus postage. It can also be ordered online

Europes unknown fairytale land front cover

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