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Welcome to an extraordinary adventure in the breathtaking region of Tarvisio! Over the course of several days, we will embark on a journey that will take us through the stunning landscapes of the Julian Alps and beyond. From traversing the exhilarating Via Ferrata to conquering the iconic summit of Triglav, this trip promises unforgettable experiences, awe-inspiring views, and a sense of accomplishment. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature's grandeur, forge lasting friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let's begin this incredible journey together!

Day Itinerary

  • On the first day of the trip, we will journey to Tarvisio and check in at the  Valbruna Inn hotel.

    At 6pm, there will be a welcome meeting and briefing for all participants.

    In the event that Jim and his family anticipate arriving later, we will adjust the meeting time accordingly to accommodate them.


  • On the first day of our trip, we have an exciting itinerary planned that will take us to the magnificent summit of Montasio.

    From there, we can enjoy breathtaking views stretching all the way to the Dolomites and beyond. Our chosen route, the Via Ferrata Pipan, offers a moderate level of difficulty and will take approximately 3.5 hours to reach the summit.

    After our adventure, we will get to Rif Di Brazzà, where we will spend the night.

    Get ready for a memorable day filled with awe-inspiring scenery and thrilling experiences.

  • On the next day of our journey, we will continue our thrilling exploration along the Ceria Merlone Via Ferrata.

    This remarkable route traces the historic lines that were constructed during World War I, adding a fascinating historical dimension to our adventure.

    We will navigate through a lengthy traverse at high altitudes, traversing ledges and ridges until we reach the magnificent Jof Fuart.

    After an exhilarating day, we will find rest and relaxation at Malga Grantagar, a cosy alpine hut and pasture that offers comfortable accommodation. Get ready for another day of unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Beginning from Malga Grantagar, we will ascend towards the majestic summit of Jof Fuart.

    The climb promises awe-inspiring views and a sense of accomplishment as we conquer the peak.

    After reaching the summit, we will make our way back to Malga Grantagar for a well-deserved lunch, where we can refuel and rejuvenate amidst the tranquil alpine surroundings.

    Following our meal, we will embark on the scenic Passo degli Scalini path, which will lead us back to the starting point where our cars are parked.

    From there, we will return to the hotel Valbruna Inn, where we can unwind and rest after an eventful day of exploration and achievement.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and savour a satisfying journey throughout the day.

  • After a short car transfer to Koca na Mangartu, our next objective is to conquer the summit of Mangart. We have two exciting options to choose from: the Italian Via Ferrata, which traverses the north aspect of the mountain, or the Slovenian route, which offers a direct ascent to the top. We will assess the conditions and preferences along the way to make an informed decision on which path to take.

    Once we have successfully reached the summit and relished in the awe-inspiring views, we will descend back to the car. Our journey continues as we drive to Vrata, where we will find the welcoming Aljazev Dom. This will be our accommodation for the night, providing a comfortable resting place amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

    Be prepared for a day filled with choices, adventure, and the satisfaction of reaching new heights. The journey promises to be exhilarating, and the rest at Aljazev Dom will be well-deserved.

  • Over the next two days, we have an incredible challenge ahead of us as we ascend the highest peak of the Julian Alps and the iconic symbol of Slovenia, Mount Triglav.

    On the first day, we will embark on a thrilling climb up the awe-inspiring north face of the mountain, taking in the stunning scenery as we make our way towards Triglavski dom.

    Triglavski dom will serve as our accommodation for the night, providing a comfortable and welcoming refuge amidst the grandeur of the mountains.

    As we settle in for the evening, we can reflect on the accomplishment of reaching this renowned landmark and recharge our energy for the next phase of our adventure.

    Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we conquer the majestic Triglav and immerse ourselves in the breathtaking beauty of the Julian Alps. The journey promises to be challenging, rewarding, and filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • As the morning dawns, we will embark on the final ascent towards the summit of Triglav, the crowning achievement of our adventure. With determination and awe in our hearts, we will conquer the peak, relishing the sense of accomplishment as we stand atop this iconic mountain.

    After taking in the breathtaking views and capturing memories to last a lifetime, we will begin our traverse on the other side of the mountain, making our way towards the Lucknja col. This scenic route will allow us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes as we journey back to the car.

    With a mixture of exhaustion and fulfilment, we will make our way back to the hotel Valbruna Inn in Tarvisio, where we will spend our last night. This will be a time to reflect on the incredible experiences we've had, the challenges we've overcome, and the bonds we've formed throughout this remarkable journey.

    Prepare to bask in the sense of accomplishment as we conquer Triglav's summit, traverse its slopes, and conclude our adventure with a well-deserved rest in Tarvisio.

  • After enjoying a satisfying breakfast, we will prepare for our departure from Tarvisio. It's time to say goodbye to the beautiful surroundings and the memories we've created during our trip.

    As we gather our belongings and check out of the hotel, we can reflect on the amazing experiences we've had and the bonds we've formed.

    Although our journey may be coming to an end, the memories and lessons from this trip will stay with us forever. Farewell, Tarvisio, until we meet again on our next adventure.

The price includes

  • 6 full days guiding fees & expenses,
  • 3 nights HB hotels accommodation during the tour.
  • 4 nights in mountain huts on an HB basis
  • local transfers

The price does not include

  • travel to/from Tarviso
  • lunches,
  • uplift costs 
  • insurance
  • equipment hire (unless agreed otherwise with your guide)





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