Health, well-being and the outdoors

Written by Patryk Szymanski
24th February 2021
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Finding the mental health balance in everyday life is equally important for you and the people around you.

For me, travel is the catalyst which provides a fresh point of view, allowing me to take a step backwards and to rethink my actions, behaviours, and the decisions I make. Being on my own, in the wild and among nature, makes me relaxed and happy.

Stress, anxiety, work-life balance, those are the hazards of modern life that are affecting us the most. When our inner balance is lost, it is very difficult to recover that stability. Nowadays, we are all facing the challenges to everyday life presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you like planning – plan. If you don’t, go with the flow and don’t worry about it! I like to plan – mapping out and preparing for backpacking trips, hikes or simply daily exercise. But when I am out and about I will go with the flow as long as it is safe, and the conditions and environment I am in will not cause any serious problems or put me in any sketchy situations. Be reasonable – get an IFMGA guide if you are at all unsure whether it is safe to venture out by yourself.

FatMap or Google Maps are the perfect tools to plan your next adventure. I use them to establish where to go and for how long, choose the best routes, check exposure and plan my journey in line with the government’s guidance. There isn’t much more we can do until the FCDO UK travel advice changes.

We can exercise daily and we all should make the most of it. I have already explored all the parks and pockets of woodland in my area. Wood carving has become my hobby, adding an extra interest to my walks to keep me busy and help me unwind.

London has been blessed with snowfall recently. Many of us, including myself, has a chance to get some snow under our skis and boards. It will not replace touring Mont Blanc or hunting our fresh powder in France or Switzerland, but it helped to keep our skiing minds sane!

Summer is around the corner, but there is still uncertainty as to when it will be safe to travel. For me, it is now the time to dream and plan. I have been climbing Mont Blanc with Mountain Tracks already and I would love to push myself further with some of the Oberland 4000s or Saas 4000s this year or soak in the views with a classic Haut Route trek.

At Mountain Tracks, we know that hotels, mountain huts and IFMGA guides are getting ready for the summer, but we have to be cautious and reasonable. We at Mountain Tracks are getting ready as well, working as hard as we can to be ready when travel will be safe and possible, and we don’t have to dream any longer!

Stay safe and positive.
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